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laaste nieuws oceanside glasstile klik hier



leveringen  update spectrumglas
de zwarte kleuren zijn nog gewoon leverbaar  
week2   week4   week6   week9
100H   100SF ICE   100SF ICE   100A
100G   151s   100SF ICE 2mm 100K
100V   151SF   130-8A   1009s
317-02   151RR   130-8RR   1009SF 2mm
518-1SF   152SF   130-8SF   1009W
100Barnwood   152W   132A   123W
100SF 2mm   200SF   132SF   140-RR
100SF DT   200-91W   132W   161W
100SF ICE   357-1   134s   170-2SF
100Crackle   359-1   134H   171SF
100RR   433-1W   134RR   200SF 2mm
100RW   533-1RR   134W   210-71SF
100W   533-1W   136s   230-71SF
315-02   675-5   136SF   230-72SF
317-02   833-91   136A   230-76SF
518-1RR       136RR   233-74SF
100SF       136W   233-75
152RR       180-8A   238-72
152s       180-8SF   280-72SF
315-1       210-71SF   280-76SF
315-2       339-2   291-61SF
317-1       339-6   308s
317-2       533-1SF   319-1
318-05       533-1s   319-6
838-94       833-91   325-6
BR Clear       838-96   359-1iri


goed nieuws spectrum glass     Oceanside


het eerste oceanside glas is in someren






De eerste container is in europa aan gekomen.
Wij verwachten het eeste glas zaterdag 7 october in huis te hebben




7 juni 2017
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18 mei 2017
productie planning        klik hier  

6 april 2017

Het laatste nieuws!

Zoals het er nu naar uit ziet wordt het eerste Spectrumglas in augustus weer verwacht.
We hopen dat daardoor aan het eind van het jaar alles weer uit voorraad leverbaar is.
Helaas merken we dat Wissmach de grote vraag op dit moment niet aan kan.
Ook hier beginnen er gaten te vallen.

Het goede wat deze hectische tijd ons gebracht heeft:
-nieuwe lijn Yang glas momenteel ruim 45 kleuren uit voorraad leverbaar!
-nieuwe lijn Crystal Unico; ruim 250 soorten glas/spiegel en Coe96
We hebben nog nooit zo’n groot assortiment aan kleuren gehad!
Kom gerust zelf eens een kijkje nemen! De koffie staat klaar!


26 maart 2017

laaste nieuws oceaneside glass /spectrumglass   klik hier


14 februari 2017

Dear Art Glass Community,

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Oceanside Glasstile, and we have humbly accepted the torch that Spectrum Glass sustained for the last 40 years producing world-premiere art glass. Our company has been firing glass tile products for 25 years, and we are incredibly excited to be honored with the task of making the materials that fuel the flame in the art glass community. Our founders were rooted in glass blowing and ceramics and their passion for handcrafted products lives on in our company today.

We have had an incredibly warm welcome into your community and we wanted to extend a most gracious THANK YOU! for all your support during this time. It is extremely important to us that we continue to keep an open line of communication with your community, so we wanted to take a quick minute to outline the progress we are anticipating in the coming months.

This Winter:

-Our team has been back and forth to Seattle since late summer being trained on Spectrum Glass processes and equipment
-We are working feverishly to set up all the new equipment being shipped to us from the Northwest.
-Key personnel from Spectrum Glass will be assisting with set-up, training, and working side-by-side with our team to ensure a successful production line.
-We are collecting insights from users, retailers and industry pros alike on favorite products in the marketplace.

 This Spring:

-Bag-house equipment is implemented.
-Final installation of furnaces, lehrs and manufacturing processes will be in full swing.
-The first of Mass production will begin.
-Websites will begin to get updates.

 There is a lot more to come! 
The Oceanside Glasstile Team


28 december 2016

overname nieuws uroboros glas   klik hier 

Zie hier het laatste nieuws.               

uroboros system 96     
wissmach system 96


23 november 2016

laaste nieuws klik hier

 22 september 2016

Dear Spectrum Glass Customer;

At long last we have some wonderful and exciting news to share with you about Spectrum Glass products! We have finalized the sale of Spectrum® Glass and our System 96® brands, equipment, and formulas to world-renowned glass manufacturer Oceanside Glasstile (OGT) in Carlsbad, CA. A long-time Spectrum customer, Oceanside Glasstile manufactures high-end cast glass tile for residential, commercial and pool applications. For almost twenty-five years OGT has led their segment of the art glass industry with innovation and design. Upon receiving the announcement about Spectrum's closing, the opportunity to become the new manufacturer of Spectrum Glass products was evident - not only for the benefit of securing material for their own product lines, but a chance to serve the global art glass industry as a whole.  

As an industry-leading glass tile manufacturer, Oceanside Glasstile is already experienced in colored glass production. With the acquisition of Spectrum Glass' equipment and color formulas, as well as receiving extensive in-person training by Spectrum's key manufacturing experts, Oceanside Glasstile will have the knowledge and tools necessary to continue the legacy of unique and popular Spectrum sheet glass that customers have relied upon for forty years.

Spectrum Glass products will now be manufactured at OGT's state-of-the-art facility located in Tijuana, Mexico. With their long-standing commitment to being an environmentally concerned manufacturer, they will be utilizing the same baghouse emission controls that Spectrum Glass has used for over twenty years.

We couldn't be more pleased to have Oceanside Glasstile assume the manufacturing of Spectrum's glass products. We are confident that their commitment to maintaining the brand's attributes will assure that future generations will be able to source the same beautiful, consistent and high quality art sheet glass. The owners and employees are passionate, dedicated, and ready to take on the task at hand - in fact the transition is already under way. We will provide additional details and updates regarding our collective progress throughout the months ahead.

-- Your Friends at Spectrum Glass 


 29-september 2016  Uroboros glass


Dear customers, fans and friends,

It will be yet another shock in a tumultuous year in the glass industry, but it has become unavoidable. After 43 ½ years of continual operations in Portland, Uroboros will discontinue operations in early 2017. Our closure will be with pride in a job well done, and in an orderly step-by-step fashion over the next 9-12 months. While we certainly hope to negotiate a deal with a new owner to move Uroboros and restart production of its products in a new location, nothing is certain at this time. 

First, A Big THANK YOU!

Along with many hundreds of employees over our 43 years, each and everyone one of you, whether in distributorship, retailing, production studios, or as individual artists have played a part making Uroboros the legacy art glass brand that it has become.  We have worked closely with many of you for decades, have enjoyed your artistic and business successes, and sympathized with your difficulties. Thank you for your efforts and support over the years. All of us at Uroboros and I truly appreciate it!

What?! Why?!

Times have changed, and the fact is that the Uroboros business model and location has lost viability for the long term. This situation has developed partly due to the very high costs of meeting many new environmental, fire safety, and seismic regulations now required by our city and state. Also because of market factors, the urbanization and gentrification of our location, and by my impending retirement age. It is not any one of these factors, but a combination of all of them.

You will ask whether the business could be sold, and thereby continued so that you and others could continue their work, and our skilled staff could keep their jobs. This of course is my preferred outcome. I am already in active discussions with credible interested parties.  My goal is to find a way to provide a continuation of jobs for our staff if at all possible, continuation of your supply of Uroboros’ unique products, and a continuation of the brand itself. If and when a change in ownership becomes settled, I will of course announce it publicly immediately. The individuals from our staff and I will personally assist the new owners to get up to speed on both the technical and visual attributes of our products.

Timetable (as forecast now): 

  • Sheet production, on the current limited color basis as required by Oregon DEQ, will continue until at least late-November, possibly longer for some items. We may create some new experimental Art Glass colors to supplement our current limited palette during this time. And, we are already working closely with the new owners of Spectrum to maintain your supply of as many System 96 colors as possible until they are in production in their new location next year.
  • Frit, Stringer, Noodle & Rod production will continue from previously made Uroboros and Spectrum color until mid-2017.
  • Sales of inventories on hand will continue until mid-2017.

Also, effective immediately: 

  • Credit sales will no longer be allowed. All purchases must be paid in advance, prior to shipment. We apologize for the inconvenience to many of you who have maintained credit accounts in good standing for many years; it’s not your fault! This is our only prudent option.
  • Rationing of individual items is discontinued. Any customer may buy any quantity of any item, while supplies last.

In the remaining months, we will continue to provide you the same great service and outstanding products as we always have, and possibly a few new ones as we wind things up. And importantly, we will continue to actively work to find a new owner with the resources, technical expertise and product awareness to carry on the Uroboros brand for another 40 years!  

Thanks again to all!

Eric Lovell, President and Founder
Uroboros Glass



System 96 Message from Uroboros

July 5, 2016


Dear Uroboros Friends,


There is no doubt we have started a new era in colored glass making. Change is inevitable, but we all know that this difficult shift will not deter any of us from pursuing our passion for this art in as safe a manner as technology can provide. At the end of the day, the glass arts will be safer for all, guaranteed, and that is good news for everyone! 

Although plans for a new emission control 'baghouse' are now in hand, we are still working on securing the capital required to fund it, along with setting up some energy conservation credits, tax abatements, and the like. With a 12 week installation expected, the earliest we can now predict to be back in full production is at the end of October. However, we‘ve found some clever (but temporary!) work arounds to keep more colors than we expected flowing in the meantime. We do have colors back in stock now that we didn’t have just a few weeks ago. Check in with your favorite supplier! Need to find a supplier? Click here.

We’re also excited to report that we are already able to fulfill customer requests for some Spectrum colors! For one client we were able to match 10 of the 12 colors desired - from formulas we already had in our palette! So please ask us directly or through your dealer if you can’t get what you need anymore from Spectrum. We plan to keep you posted as their stock runs out and we begin to produce specific Spectrum color matches. 

We know you already miss the super smooth Spectrum sheet surface, and it’s not even gone yet! We do too! But are you aware we’ve made strides over the last couple of years improving the smoothness of our hand rolled fusible sheets? The Spectrum closure has added a new urgency to our ongoing efforts to push the limits of hand rolling techniques for fusibles, and to find out just how smooth and glossy we can get them. So stay tuned on this one!


We are fully committed to carrying on the both the traditional Uroboros and System 96 product lines, as well as building upon the strength of the brands and their distribution network. We’re doing everything in our power to ensure the future of art glass is a bright and colorful one!


Best Regards, 


Eric Lovell


Uroboros Glass 


System 96 Message from Uroboros

May 19, 2016

Dear System 96 Customers,

While we all gather our wits about us after Spectrum’s stunning announcement of their closure plans, Uroboros would like to reassure all System 96 customers that we will carry on with the line.

As a reminder, Uroboros Glass is a founding partner of System 96. We assisted Spectrum as they learned how to produce tested compatible glass with their system, and have produced a large percentage of System 96 colors and styles from the beginning. Here is an outline of Uroboros’ view of a future without a Spectrum Glass.

What Uroboros can do:

Now and near term
•Continue the ‘distributor and retailer first’ distribution policies System 96 is known for.
•Uroboros has available production capacity to take on significantly more System 96 production than it currently does, and will be able to ramp up quickly once newly required emission controls are in place and certified later this year.
•Return prices to near historical normal levels for Uroboros sheet products after emission control equipment is in place and all costs are known.
•Uroboros has the technical skills to reproduce many of Spectrum’s colors in System 96, and is prepared to do so after Spectrum inventories run out. This will assure continued availability of sheet colors previously made by Spectrum, as well as the frit, stringer, noodle, and rods made from those colors.
•Make hand mixed streakies in color combinations familiar to Spectrum customers.
•Make thicknesses up to 5mm, and possibly 6mm with some practice.
•Make larger format hand cast sheets up to 26” wide and 33” long.

Longer term
•Make sheets up to 30” x 48” with relatively modest equipment modifications.
•Continue to make incremental improvements in sheet smoothness as we have in the last couple of years.
•Continue to add new and innovative hand rolled sheet styles to the System 96 product line.

What Uroboros cannot do: (sorry, folks!)
•Make very smooth or low bubble count sheets as Spectrum could with their machine rolled process.
•Make specific Spectrum styles such as Spirit, Opal Art, and Baroque.
•Match Spectrum prices.
•Match Spectrum’s very uniform wispy style.

While the possibility of a glass art world without Spectrum looms over all our heads, Uroboros is committed to doing all that they can to ensure that a vibrant fusing world continues in the years ahead.

Spectrum Glass Nuggets®

Production Schedule Update


In an effort to improve product availability, Spectrum will be extending their System 96® Nuggets and Spectrum Premium 2.0 Nuggets production through mid-September, 2016. We will be running Nuggets on 2-3 furnaces to insure that we produce a substantial quantity of inventory.

Regarding the long-term plan, Spectrum Glass is currently in discussions with several parties interested in purchasing the formulas and equipment to continue Nuggets® production in the future. We will update you as soon as we have anything firm to report.

In light of our recent news, there is a lot of speculation taking place on various chat boards and sites regarding Nuggets. Spectrum Glass would be pleased to provide customers with fact-based information regarding our Nuggets products over the coming months to alleviate any concerns. Please send your questions to and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible